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Landscapes mit Schanzen

    Innsbruck, Austria (2013/09/17) new
    Modern schanze designed by Zaha Hadid. A view restaurant is attached on the top near the starting gate.

    Sapporo, Japan (2005/02/06)
    Holy schanze in Japan. The winter sport museum attached has a ski jumping simulator.

    Oslo, Norway (2002/09/14)
    Most beautiful and historical schanze in the world. A ski museum is attached with a lift to the top of the slide.

    Tromsø, Norway (2002/08/20)
    Small slides behind the University of Tromsø. The large is made of steel, the middle is made of wood.

    Trondheim, Norway (2002/08/04)
    In the silent forest, I have visited the schanze by bicycle. The Norwegian team was training in the hot weather.

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (2002/01/01)
    Very famous schanze for the New Year Ski Jump. Nice place for summer and winter vacation.

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