Cul-de-Sac > Ski jumping is a resistance to the earth.
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    In travels - Not only in winter but also in summer.
    Okurayama, Sapporo, Japan (1988/03, 2005/02) - Major repairs and improvements were done in 1996.
    Bergisel, Innsbruck, Austria (1997/08, 2013/09) - Historical slide, renovated in 2001.
    Granåsen, Trondheim, Norway (2000/08, 2002/08) - In the silent forest. I have visited by bicycle.
    Olympiaschanze, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (2002/01) - Famous for the New Year Ski Jump.
    Grønnåsen, Tromsø, Norway (2002/08) - Small slides behind the University of Tromsø.
    Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway (2002/09) - Most beautiful and historical slide with a ski museum.
    Sportovy Komplex FIS, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia (2004/08) - In the High Tatras, with fascinating resorts.

    Landscapes - Photos with and from jump slides.

Witness Experiences


    News / Database
    FIS Ski Jumping - Official site presented by International Ski Federation (FIS). Live report is available.
    Berkutschi Ski Jumping - Special magazine for ski jumping, providing the latest news and various contents.
    Skisprungschanzen-Archiv - Complete archive for ski jumping hills.
    SAJ Jump - Official site presented by Ski Association of Japan (SAJ).
    SAJ Databank - Comprehensive data presented by SAJ.

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