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Rue I


    At home - Compromises for my unsetteled life.
    Kawai Upright Piano KS-1 (1968-) - The first piano for me. In Osaka.
    Yamaha Grand Piano C3 (1985-) - In Osaka.
    Korg Concert C-7000 (1992/03-1998/03) - In Tokyo and Niigata.
    Yamaha Gran Touch DGP-1 (1998/05-2009/08) - In Tokyo.
    Yamaha Grand Piano GP-1 (2001/10-2002/07) - In Aachen, Germany.
    Steinway & Sons Grand Piano A-188, no.467428, 1979 (2009/08-) - In Tokyo.

    Exquisite Piano Experiences - Special experiences granting my reckless wishes.

Music Sources

Concert Projects

Performance Experiences

    Repertoire - I have played since 1987.
    Concerts - Over 80 times.
    Parties / Improvisation - Sometimes with alcohol.
    Alphabetical List - Intensively, Beethoven, Liszt, Scriabin, Ravel, Mompou, Poulenc...

    Live recordings - Selection of my clumsy performances.
    Vincenzo Bellini / Franz Liszt: Reminiscences of "Norma" (2015/08/10, Lutheran Ichigaya Hall, Tokyo) [MP3, 15.2 MB] new
    Issac Albéniz: "Azulejos" (2008/11/29, Old Sougakudou, Tokyo) [MP3, 9.0 MB]
    Alexander Scriabin: Poem "Vers la flammes" op.72 (2006/12/09, Old Sougakudou, Tokyo) [MP3, 5.6 MB]
    Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata K.87 (2006/04/28, Suginami Kokaido, Tokyo) [MP3, 3.4 MB]
    Albert Ginastera: Danza del gaucho matrero, from Danzas argentinas op.2 (2002/11/03, Tomono Hall, Tokyo) [MP3, 3.3 MB]



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